Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chicken and Rice Pilaf wrapped in Filo, with Creamed Corn

Tonight’s dinner was a recreation of a recipe I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks.  I read somewhere a recipe for Chicken and Rice Pilaf wrapped in Filo.  

 It was a recipe for an entire pie, but all I could think about was individual “pie”.  So I made rice, grilled chicken the wrapped it in filo.  It was really, really good.

1 cup rice (any type, or mixture.  I used a wild Thai blend)
2 cups veggie broth
½ cup diced carrots
¼ cup nuts, toasted (I used hazelnuts and pine nuts)
Salt and pepper, to taste

2 Chicken breasts, grilled to 160F, thinly sliced

1 pkg Filo dough
Olive oil

Boil rice in water, with lid on until done, approx. 20 minutes. When rice is cooked, add in carrots and toasted nuts.  Add Salt and pepper to taste.

While Rice is cooking, grill chicken until just done 160F.  Chicken will not be white, it will be slightly pink, but still food safe.  This way the chicken will still be moist when it comes out of the oven.

Allow both the rice and chicken to cool.

For Filo, lay out I sheet of filo, and oil it, place another sheet of filo on top.  Continue layering 4 sheets of dough.

Scoop out about 1/3-1/2 cup of rice into the center of the dough.  

Place about 4-5 sliced (or so) of the chicken breast on top.   

Wrap the filo around the mixture.  Bake at 400 for approx. 30 minutes or until golden brown. 

In addition to this I made 

“Fresh Cream Corn”

another recipe adaption from a great friend (Kim Bostrom)

6 ears of corn
¼ cup of cream
1 T dried thyme
Salt and pepper to taste

Strip kernels of corn off cob. (Check out my new kitchen gadget!!  

Add in cream and seasonings.  Warm up, but don’t bring to a boil.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I'm an old neighbor of Craig's. I lived across the street from him from the time he was 3 years old until he left Ft. Payne. My name is Doris Hobbs.

    Just wanted to suggest that next time you cook corn, try just clipping the top of the corn kernels with a very sharp knife. Then go around and clip the rest of the kernel off, then finally take the sharp edge of the knife at an angle, and scrape the cob. This will release the "heart" of the corn that is very sweet and creamy. This is the way my mother did cream corn. She never used cream in it. It was always very creamy, this way. Try it. Accordiing to the type of corn you use, you may or may not have to use a little corn starch to thicken it. It is delicious this way.

    Saw Linda at Wal-Mart last night. She is looking forward to coming and staying for 5 weeks with you all very soon. Hope you all have a great time!

    Tell Craig 'hello" for me.

    Doris Hobbs
    Rainsville, AL


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