Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trader Joe's

How can you say you don't like Trader Joe's? I love the place, but don't shop there near as much as I would like to! Mainly I shop there to get ideas for dinner or a special menu. It's difficult, because if you really like one of their items, you can't just run in anywhere and pick it up, or when they have an incredible seasonal item, that you crave off season! Ugh.

Anyhow, today was one of those days I needed inspiration for dinner. I knew what my main course was going to be (potato crusted cod), but no idea on the sides. When I went in I perused the store looking for ideas ....a different kind of fish...... maybe nuts for crusting the cod..... oh! Harvest Blend Couscous they have harissa spice ......yummy BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!.... oh wait shredded Brussels sprouts-same price an size as non shredded (score) .....mmmm Fresh English peas ......oh look, haricot verts (tiny French green beans) ......and Pita Chips for Craigy, his favorite! Next thing I know I have a $30 bag of snacks/veggies and side dishes or the rest if the week!

Maybe this is why I don't shop there more......

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